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Betsy and Larry Lehner

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

Svalbard May 2017 12 guests, 8 crew

This journey was our most unique – EVER!. We are 70+years, so that’s saying something!. Last year we took an unforgettable trip to KENYA with Wild Focus Expeditions.. THAT WAS AWESOME.. BUT this trip of opposite culture, climate, flora, fauna, transportation, and geography was so very unique and enriching..

Jami and Theo covered every traveler’s needs professionally and personally. The on site sea and land planning was precise.

Theo and Jami each gave a photo mini-seminar on board during down (travel) time.

Jami and Theo had interviewed and chosen VERY experienced Norwegian guides. Jens and Audun were genuine, knowledgeable, professional, accommodating and great humored. Every guest always felt safe.. The captain and crew of the retired ice breaker lead us on treks, zodiac exploration and snowmobiling..
We can’t forget our chef! Gourmet – for sure! Great humor – certainly. Clean – YES. Roger fixes ANY mechanical issue and then some.

The breathtaking photos that have been posted on FaceBook are telling. There is no where else on earth this could happen. Polar bears, seals, walrus, Arctic hare, Svalbard reindeer, beluga whales! yep all these were easily photographed. WRITE me about Wild Focus if you’d like! with questions. We extended 3 night stay in OSLO; also gorgeous, active, easily walked- on our own. KLM – great airline!

Kathrine Davis

My Rating:
Country Visited: India

I have to say this trip to India will go down as one of my favorite trips of all time. This will now be my 4th trip with Jami and Theo and I enjoyed the variety it provided. I enjoyed the game drives, but this one provided a very well rounded view of India. The people, the culture, the history, the diversity it provided was just what I had hoped for, but didn’t know it. My memories are more vibrant then some of my other trips just because of this alone. I will forever be in AWE of the engineering of the Forts and buildings such as the Taj Mahal. The people of India are inspiring.

And shopping on an afternoon in the markets showed me just how similar the women of India are to the those of my country – rooting around for the best deal and quality.

I hope to return to India one day. I would never have known how much I would truly appreciate this wonderful country until I came this first time.

Thank you Theo and Jami for this experience. I will never forget it.

Allyson Moreland-Garris

My Rating:
Country Visited: India

This is my third expedition with Wild Focus. Although I have enjoyed all my trips, this adventure was the perfect combination of wildlife and culture. During part of the trip we were tracking tigers through the Ranthambore National Park and the other part, we were immersed in a a whirlwind of colors, sights, sounds, and smells of India.

What makes Wild Focus Expeditions unique is the knowledge of these leaders and their passion for photography. Whether you are a novice (like me) or a serious photographer, Theo and Jami work as a team to expand your skill level and ensure that each person has an opportunity to take the best possible photos.

One of my most memorable experiences was the day our group climbed to the rooftop (during the early morning hours) to photograph the Blue City (Jodhpur). Through their personal contacts, Jami and Theo were able to gain access to this perfect spot for capturing the first glow of light on the city below. Pure magic!

As I review my photos, I still can’t believe that I was actually in India to partake in this incredible adventure. Truly a life changing experience! Thank you Jami and Theo for the opportunity to see another part of the world through your eyes!

Wayne Woodward

My Rating:
Country Visited: Galapagos

I’ve recently returned from a ‘Bucket List’ trip to the Galapagos Islands led by photographer Jami Tarris of Wild Focus Expeditions. Having experienced a destination like the Galapagos for years on TV and in literature and through the eyes of Naturalists like David Attenborough my expectations were high. The trip with Wild Focus exceeded all these. Every aspect was without fault. The itinerary was thorough offering every opportunity whether it was snorkeling with sea lions, turtles, or penguins, watching Boobies and albatross ‘dance’, observing giant land tortoise ‘lumbering’ by, watching iguanas ‘chill’ in the sun or dine underwater on algae and so many other adventures were maximized. I’ve returned with endless memories, thousands of extraordinary photographic images and much improved camera expertise. I look forward to joining Wild Focus again in the future.

Jim White

My Rating:
Country Visited: Galapagos

If you want to really see and understand the Galápagos Islands there is only one group to consider…. Wild Focus Expeditions. Unsurpassed knowledge of the Islands as well as superior photographic help are just part of what they offer. Great people, a great boat, top notch food and great company are all part of the experience. You absolutely will love your experience. The tour guides did a superior job….. plus photos too great for words!

Ann White

My Rating:
Country Visited: Galapagos

I am writing as the non-photographer of the Galapagos trip (although I may be reconsidering the value of gaining skill as a visual journalist due to the stunning photos that my husband took while there…).

This trip still haunts my dreams. I have never experienced such close interaction with wildlife, especially mothers with their young. Whether it was an iguana, a shark, an albatross or a sea lion, the animals accepted we humans as just part of the landscape (unless they wanted to play, as did multiple sea lions during our snorkels). It was thrilling!

The best part of the trip, however, was what we learned from our tour guides. They are both knowledgeable and passionate conservation activists and teachers. I will forever think of wild places in a new way, with many thanks to them both. If you enjoy an adventure and want to learn new things about this planet we call home, I highly recommend taking a trip with Wild Focus Expeditions. You will be so glad you did. This was our second, and we plan for more!21


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