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Penny Michael

My Rating:
Country Visited: Indonesia

Wow, where to begin? This was my first trip with Wild Focus Expeditions and I can tell you it will not be the last!

In the two short weeks, we were spoiled with multiple encounters with orangutans in the wild as well as at feeding platforms, we learned about the three species of orangutans and their fight for survival, and had incredible opportunities to photograph and document their behaviors. We also found other wildlife, or rather they found us – proboscis monkeys, long tailed and pig tailed macaques, kingfisher birds, flying squirrels, wild boars, wild peacocks, geckos, even a chance encounter with a cobra snake!

I am a beginner photographer and cannot believe some of the images I was able to capture. Jami and Theo were always ready to help with camera settings, shooting suggestions, and answering my never-ending list of questions. This trip was so much more than photography. It was an education in wildlife and conservation, an experience of several different cultures, and a little rest, relaxation, and pampering thrown in with a grand finale in Bali.

The trip arrangements, logistics, and preparation material was right on point and made the trip easy and rewarding. The small group, most of whom have traveled with Jami and Theo before, was most welcoming and they, along with Jami and Theo, made the trip comfortable for a first-time tripper and beginner photographer.

Though I have not processed the whole trip in my mind yet, I think the highlight of the trip was coming face to face with a 400 lb dominant male orangutan on the ground in the forest in Sumatra.  How many people in this world can claim an encounter like this?

Thank you to Jami and Theo for a trip of a lifetime and I hope to see them soon on another great adventure!

Simran gill

My Rating:
Country Visited: Indonesia

This was a great trip both in terms of wildlife sightings and also the group. To see Orangutans up, close and personal and most importantly learn about the problems of their habitat loss due to plan oil plantations was an eye opener. Indonesia is rich in wildlife and we did see that everyday. Overall I came back as very satisfied. The arrangements were also very good.

Ramona Paschall

My Rating:
Country Visited: Indonesia

Wild Focus Expedition Review Rap
I’m going to make this short and sweet,
When you travel with Wild Focus, they can’t be beat!
They always make you feel like you’re traveling with Friends,
That will make you want to go again and again!
Whatever we look for, we always find!
Gorillas, Polar Bears but Orangutans this time!
They manage the itineraries, and pick the best guides,
Taking you to places that will blow your mind,
Now I said this would be short, but I can’t say enough,
Some of these travels can be kind of tough.
But if you have a problem, they will see you through.
They will try to do whatever you need them to.
They say “trip of a lifetime” is what it will be,
Now Four Fab Trips in a lifetime for me!!
Thank you Jami and Theo for all your hard work,
Showing Us the World, From Luxury Hotels to Camping in bush dirt.
Wild Focus Expeditions is the way to Go,
They’ll never take you anywhere that they don’t Know.
I’ve had experiences I never thought I would.
I’d go with them EVERY time, if I could.
We have lots of photos that make us look like Pros,
They will give you instructions if you don’t Know.
Take a trip with Wild Focus if you can,
This time it was about the Orangutans.
Save Endangered Species,
Is what it’s all about,
To OVOJ (Our Very Own Jane),
May I give Out this Shout!
And Theo toooooo!!!😁

Priya Selvam

My Rating:
Country Visited: Greenland

Greenland was an unforgettable trip! It was not a destination we would not ordinarily travel to, it was a trip we took on because of Jami and Theo. It was our first trip with WildFocus Expeditions. We know them both as out-of-this-world photographers and travelling with them, we felt, would be a photographic adventure, at the very least.

They were both completely dedicated towards creating incredible photographic opportunities – from discovering how to work with light (sunrise/sunsets, shadows, backlight in fjords with rock, glaciers and icebergs), to camera settings for the Aurora Borealis (it’s something you could only work towards getting right while its on, so while helping everyone on deck with camera settings as a priority, they were also working on their own shots – which were amazing, and especially, to demonstrate what’s possible for yourself as you continue to work at your images). During downtime, they generated plenty opportunity to learn and develop one’s skill through presentations of techniques and bytes of the work they and other wildlife conversationists do in support of the protection of wildlife, as a cause.

As photographers, they are incredibly inspiring to be with. More so when you’re in the setting of Scoresby Sund (Eastern Greenland), where the geology and natural landscape was like nothing I’ve experienced before. From the outset, in the build-up to the expedition, they advised what equipment we needed to bring with us, and always responded to our queries, even the most basic ones. So committed they were to us having a great time, they checked whether we had sea-sickness patches ready, if travel visas were in order, that hotel bookings were appropriately made. We were very well looked after.

Their personalities attract global travellers who are ready for a great time with other like-minded travellers, drawn together by a shared passion. With the intimate group of 14 other travellers, my husband and I remember there being so much laughter on deck and engaging, thoughtful conversations in the lounge and over mealtimes. These travellers are people we now regard as friends, so generous with sharing their experiences, both in photography and in life – a superb group of people to travel with.

Jami and Theo’s professionalism made sure there was an experienced expedition team onboard, one that was familiar with the Arctic, and the fjord system we were sailing in. Everyone put their best efforts in to look out for wildlife, identify best landing spots, and constantly working with the crew on sailing routes and timing for best lighting conditions and ensuring safety as a priority.

Jami and Theo chartered the fantastic vessel, M/s Freya, whose crew contributed in no small part to the unforgettable experience. Bridge visits were thoroughly informative and fun. The cabins were clean, private and comfortable, and had en suite bath/toilet facilities. Meals were prepared with so much care and attention, we ate more than well. The crew were so aligned to the expedition objective that it was actually two crew members who spotted the polar bear on the iceberg right behind the vessel, while we were out in zodiacs photographing ancient glaciers and gigantic icebergs. All this after were had been cautioned not to have high hopes of a sighting as polar bears continue to be hunted in this region.

Post-trip, they’ve been sharing their photos. When I see the photographs they have taken of the very locations I was at with them, I see what’s possible for my images – images captured during landings, zodiac trips and Greenland’s landscape I’m proud to share at home.  I’ve learnt so much from these Master Photographers. But at the end of the day, I have taken away from this trip so much more than just my photographs. I treasure the entire experience.

I cannot thank Jami and Theo enough for creating the opportunity!

David Hardin

My Rating:
Country Visited: Greenland

This was our second photo expedition with Theo and as with our first, it was top notch. We were treated like royalty by the crew and guides and became friends by the end. Accommodations and dining was superb as was the interaction with Jamie and Theo as they guided and instructed our photography.
While there weren’t as many animals to photograph as we had perhaps expected, the opportunities we did have getting close-up images of polar bear and musk ox were incredible. This was in addition to abundant opportunities for northern light and scenic landscape images.
If you are looking for photographic opportunities that will stay in your memory for life, I heartily recommend WildFocus Expeditions.

Bernadette King-Turner

My Rating:
Country Visited: Greenland

Travelling alone is not always easy and stress-free, and travelling with a group of people whom I had never met, naturally left many questions unanswered! Now, back home and two weeks post my Wild Focus Expeditions’ boating trip through the Scoresbysund of East Greenland, I can say, I will most definitely ‘do it all again’!!

The first moment of meeting Jami and Theo on my arrival at the Kea Hotel, in the charming little town Akureyri located on the North Coast of Iceland was a meeting likened to meeting ‘long time, forever friends’. They really are the most super-cool people to travel with along with our eclectic group of 16 adventurous photographic explorers – a great bonding banner to sail with across the Denmark Straight and onward into the frozen lands of the icebergs.

My focus during our Greenland Sea-faring journey was to finally graduate from operating my camera on the big A – Auto and learn how to use all the other buttons and programmes 😊. Jami and Theo were super patient and shared much of their photographic expertise with us all, so we could understand the best camera and lens settings and bring home the greatest pics ever.

I have several hundred best memory images – almost a hundred alone on the very cuddly looking but super serious polar bear. Of course, the boat chef takes the credit for our visiting polar bear, that swam up to our boat to get closer to the highly seasoned aromas of Chef’s steaming lunchtime goulash that were wafting out his kitchen door.

The curious bear even tried for a closer look into chef’s kitchen by climbing onto a nearby iceberg! As we were at the time photographing from the zodiacs, luck was shining on us to give us the best ever photographic opportunity with this beautiful creature being close enough to visibly capture every cute polar bear dimple and crinkle.

We were captivated with the brilliance of the arctic autumn colours. Ice and snow-topped mountains with the lower hillsides totally covered with brilliant exotic arctic flowers, mosses and dwarf arctic willows and birches. Only by seeing the reality of these hillsides can you really fully grasp the total immense beauty of the Scoresbysund.

Not only did we get the best photographic views from the boat decks, but our outdoor ventures of many zodiac rides, casual strolls along the shorelines and glacier-side hikes really gave us the best opportunities to capture every part of this amazing fiord.

There is just so much of our Greenland trip to write about and if I keep going I will never finish for posting!!

The food was terrific, the crew were really super, the boat was cosy and warm and for the entire trip, everyone on board was bubbly and happy.

My sign off is that I never in my life imagined there is such a magical site to see as what we all witnessed the night the skies came alive and truly danced with the enchanted northern lights – is just not possible to describe what we witnessed, the only way to know, is to join Jami and Theo and go there…


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