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Dan Williamson

My Rating:
Country Visited: Greenland

Our recent excursion to Iceland and Greenland was fantastic and was our second trip this year with Wild Focus Expeditions. Jami and Theo are dedicated to providing the best experience possible on their trips. Our pre-trip notifications were timely and very helpful as well as the ongoing photography advice given to us on the trip. Theo and Jami were always available if there were questions and would schedule one on one time with us if we had additional photography questions. They made sure our trip went smoothly and that we were getting the best opportunities for Photography. We were able to get close to multiple water formations via the zodiacs as well as going on shore for hiking excursions. They were able to have the Captain navigate the ship in a position that allowed us to capture the amazing Northern Lights. I would highly recommend them for any future trips, in fact we have reserved three additional trips with them in the next 12 months!

Jim White

My Rating:
Country Visited: Greenland

Wild Focus did it again! This is our third trip with Wild Focus…each trip has been fantastic. Some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever experienced. Greenland isn’t easy to get to, but WF had the best ship and the best crew you can imagine. They took us to places I know no other company would even try….all to get us the experience and photos of a lifetime. From Polar Bears to icebergs to the Northern Lights.. we saw it all.
Thanks again to Jami and Theo for fantastic memory.

Vikram Singh

My Rating:
Country Visited: Greenland

I just returned from Eastern Greenland on a trip with Wild Focus Expeditions, my second trip with the company, earlier one was to Svalbard in 2016. Being a keen photographer and an avid traveller, I can easily vouch for the fact that Theo and Jami really know how to run their expeditions and outdo themselves each time.

Its a pleasure to work with them, you are always assured of friendly group of like minded participants (which is very important for me) and definitely the best guides in the business, which ensures that the trips are flawless, fun and exciting. The only downside is that they get over soon!

Theo and Jami’s extensive knowledge about photography really helps take your own photography to the next level and I have learnt a lot being on just two trips with them.

I am certain to be travelling with Wild Focus Expeditions to some of the other destinations they offer and am already looking forward to the next one.

Thanks again for a brilliant trip.

Bhupesh B

My Rating:
Country Visited: Greenland

I traveled with Jami and Theo to Eastern Greenland from Sep 12 – 23. To say the very least, the trip was exceptional in every way (details below). I highly recommend traveling with Jami and Theo if you are even remotely interested in photographing off the beaten path (or even if you are not).

A trip like Eastern Greenland is logistically very complex. Jami and Theo have developed a great network of people that they work with and can count on to pull such complicated trips with consistent 5 star ratings. This was clear to me when I interacted with the remaining 15 passengers on the expedition. Almost all of them had traveled with Jami/Theo on one or more trips before and had come back for more. It was a great group of people with shared interest in photography, wildlife, conservation, unique travel experiences and good conversation.

Besides Jami and Theo (who are world class wild life photographers), the network of people I mention above consisted of a skilled ship crew (around 10 people with an exceptional captain and chef), 3 guides (all with significant years of experience in tracking animal/glaciers/local life/photography focused Arctic as well as Antarctic).

Our days on the ship were full of amazing landscapes at all times of the day (but mainly early am, early and late evening and late night for northern lights), knowledge sessions on improving our photography skills, great meals, some really excellent animal sightings.

I could fill 4 pages on how amazing it was to see a polar bear climb an iceberg and photograph it all the way as it came off and swam in the water, but for future travelers on these expeditions I would suggest that you look at the overall package (high quality people, lots of excellent learning and flawless execution) and not judge the trip by just these amazing sightings. Animal sightings don’t make or break a trip in my opinion, but bad company certainly does. This is also why I am certain that I will be doing more trips with Wild Focus Expeditions.

Philip Knowles

My Rating:
Country Visited: Kenya

When my wife threw out the idea of going on an African Safari with our 19 year old daughter and 17 year old son, I thought, “I wonder how this is going to work, certainly different than Beach resorts, big cities and visiting prospective colleges.  We didn’t know what to expect, but talking to Jami and looking at the amazing photographs on the Wild Focus website, we decided to go for it, and our kids started getting really excited.   There was a lot to do to get ready, but Jami talked us through it all and provided all the information we needed in a pre-trip packet.

Arriving in a new country at 11:30 PM with kids can be a scary proposition, but our driver was waiting for us and got us safely to our fantastic first hotel.  We quickly realized that Jami had every aspect of the trip nailed!  The parks we visited, the places we stayed, the food, the shopping, and the people we met, all of it was extraordinary.

When we left Nairobi to travel to Samburu, we had our first introduction to a really special part of the trip, getting to know our Drivers and Guides Mwashi and Siele.  I feel like we took a college level course in all things Kenya.  They were tremendous and I miss our days together, bouncing through the bush.  Our conversation was interesting, friendly and very funny.

Thinking back on the trip, I couldn’t begin to narrow down the experience into highlights because every day we saw so much amazing beauty.  Thank you Jami for sharing your passion with us, and making it such a great experience for our little family.  We’ll be following your travels and we look forward to another adventure with Wild Focus Expeditions.

Wayne Woodward

My Rating:
Country Visited: Uganda

I’d experienced mountain Gorillas in Rwanda almost 15 years ago and have wanted to experience them again ever since. Unfortunately the price rise in Rwanda forced me to look elsewhere and Uganda became the obvious choice. What a revelation Uganda turned out to be.

I traveled to Uganda with Wild Focus Expeditions and visually discovered a country of unexpected scenic beauty. Not only did I again experience the mountain Gorillas but also wild Chimpanzees. While they may be related, their behaviour and therefore the experiences with both were equally exhilarating while remaining entirely different. The thrill of being charged by a Silverback or touched by a young gorilla is like no other. To observe behaviour in their natural environment is such a privilege.The excitement of being surrounded by noisy and excitable chimps as their voices raise above the canopy and travel across the jungle sends shivers. Even to photograph and observe them as they quietly interact and groom each other from a mere few meters is an adrenalin rush.

Wild Focus offered both Gorilla and Chimpanzee Habituation ‘experiences’ as well as Trekking. On top of a one hour Gorilla Trekking option Jami of Wild Focus Expeditions added a day of Gorilla Habituation. Our four hour Gorilla Habituation (while physically demanding) was exceptional in the closeness and time we spent with this Gorilla family group. This is raw jungle trekking where there is no trail other than the one cut by our trackers or freshly created by the Gorillas themselves. Make no mistake, it’s was tough going and so good flexibility and a high level of fitness was definitely required for the area where we trekked. While the Chimpanzees trek was not a physically demanding experience in Uganda, the Gorillas most certainly were. I understand that each trek is different and is based off of the groups’ collective fitness level.

The quality of accommodations that Wild Focus Expeditions provided on this trip was also another surprise. We stayed in some truly inspired luxury accommodations. Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge was a standout. From a foot massage on arrival, to our own butler, an open bar and our open fireplace, it was the perfect location to return after a day of trekking.
There is a great deal more to Uganda and it’s friendly Ugandan population than I had even imagined.


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