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Larry Lehner

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

Not knowing what to expect in such a remote area of the Svalbard archipelago I was consumed with the beauty of the Islands, Fiords and wildlife. This region is not for the faint of heart YET Theo and Jami put together a once in a lifetime safe experience for those desiring to photograph the beauty of this small area of our planet.

I consider myself an amateur photographer always eager to learn from experienced professionals. Both Theo and Jami are willing to both teach and critique which made this trip even better then one could expect. The guides, chef and crew were experienced and catered to all our needs. The food was gourmet considering where we were.

Lastly, this is the second trip in 10 months spent with Wild Focus Expeditions, the other being Kenya. I look forward to other opportunities to be among a small group in another part of the world with them.

Simran Gill

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

This expedition was very well planned and I loved each and everyone in the group. Svalbard is unbelievably beautiful and we managed to see polar bears, walrus, seals, balugas and much more. Thank you Theo and Jami for such a wonderful experience and there can be no comparisons. It is a 5 star trip.19

Nikhil Nagle

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

I had been looking forward to a Svalbard trip for a long time – so when I saw A chance to go with Wild Focus, I jumped at it.

The trip was perfectly planned by Theo and Jami – they were very patient in answering the numerous questions I had prior to the trip and guided the whole group expertly.

The expedition itself was with just the right size of people – 12 on a ship which could have easily accommodated more. Because of the small group, frequent zodiac trips were not a problem at all. Most of the times, the zodiac excursions get you the best images because of the low angle and the approach flexibility. Having a small group and expert guiding from the two Norwegian guides (Jens and Audun) who had been picked by Jami and Theo, was the key to our success in getting good images and having some wonderful sightings of polar bears, walruses, bearded seals and belugas.

Theo also held a workshop on photography during the expedition – I had attended it earlier but it is wonderful to hear Theo’s insights into light and composition.

More than anything else, Theo and Jami are really nice and warm – it was great to get to know them! The expedition was an added bonus.

I am already planning more trips with Theo and Jami ?

Nikhil Nagle

Jeffrey Sweers

My Rating:
Country Visited: India

Oh my, what a trip! Just when you think you’ve been on several great photo tours with Wild Focus Expeditions and they can’t get any better (I’ve gone to Galápagos Islands, Svalbard and Kenya with them and each one was amazing!) they indeed get better. If you love wildlife photography, traveling to (literally) the ends of the earth to capture it, (in style by the way), you owe it to yourself to sign up for one of their trips and just Do It (sorry Nike). In India we had a wonderful blend of shooting Bengal Tigers in Ranthampore National Park and the amazing colors, sites,sounds, shopping (and yes smells) of Jaipur, Jodhpur and what would a trip to India be without the Taj Mahal? Jami and Theo knew where to take us, found great local tour guides to get us into areas, you just wouldn’t find, or go to, on your own. I’m an amateur photographer, but have had a passion for it for 30+ years, and yet I still learn more in each trip with these two great leaders! Check out their website, if there’s a trip that looks interesting, contact Jami or Theo and see how their enthusiasm will win you over. You Will Not regret taking a trip with them!

Roshan Panjwani

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

The expedition was extremely well planned and executed. I had loads of questions in the run up to the trip, ranging from accessibility to photography gear, which the expedition leaders Jami and Theo answered with a lot of patience and aplomb. Beginning with the stay at the boutique Basecamp Spitsbergen, the nice, clear day out on the snowmobiles and finally onboard the MS Origo – the experience was once-in-a-lifetime.

Jami and Theo have rich knowledge of both wildlife and photography, which makes for great learning on the expedition. Looking at Theo’s pictures from all over the world, that he walked us through as part of his presentation on the ship, is a great lesson in understanding of light and composition.

The crew on board the ship was very helpful and hospitable. The food was exceptional – a special shout out to our chef! Our bear guides, Jens and Audun, were very knowledgeable and they, along with the captain and Theo and Jami, chalked out the best plan basis the weather and ice conditions. We were able to spot a diversity of wildlife including reindeer, walrus, seal, polar fox, a variety of arctic birds and of course, the apex predator of the Arctic, the polar bear! The count was about 13, including a mother and 2 cubs in the distance. We got up close to 2 polar bears and spent a good couple of hours taking pictures of each.

Overall, I would highly recommend this expedition – the small group (12) is a huge advantage, with speed of getting into the zodiacs as well as space to do photography, both from the ship and the zodiac. We also had a diverse group that got along very well, resulting in a great time on the ship while cruising. Humour from different cultures is always awesome!

Thanks Jami and Theo for the awesome experience ? If I do Svalbard again, I will do it with you guys only!

Betsy and Larry Lehner

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

Svalbard May 2017 12 guests, 8 crew

This journey was our most unique – EVER!. We are 70+years, so that’s saying something!. Last year we took an unforgettable trip to KENYA with Wild Focus Expeditions.. THAT WAS AWESOME.. BUT this trip of opposite culture, climate, flora, fauna, transportation, and geography was so very unique and enriching..

Jami and Theo covered every traveler’s needs professionally and personally. The on site sea and land planning was precise.

Theo and Jami each gave a photo mini-seminar on board during down (travel) time.

Jami and Theo had interviewed and chosen VERY experienced Norwegian guides. Jens and Audun were genuine, knowledgeable, professional, accommodating and great humored. Every guest always felt safe.. The captain and crew of the retired ice breaker lead us on treks, zodiac exploration and snowmobiling..
We can’t forget our chef! Gourmet – for sure! Great humor – certainly. Clean – YES. Roger fixes ANY mechanical issue and then some.

The breathtaking photos that have been posted on FaceBook are telling. There is no where else on earth this could happen. Polar bears, seals, walrus, Arctic hare, Svalbard reindeer, beluga whales! yep all these were easily photographed. WRITE me about Wild Focus if you’d like! with questions. We extended 3 night stay in OSLO; also gorgeous, active, easily walked- on our own. KLM – great airline!


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