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Dan Williamson

My Rating:
Country Visited: Japan

WOW! We recently took our third trip with Wild Focus Expeditions (WFE) to Japan and we were not disappointed! We have taken other trips with WFE to Kenya, Rwanda and Svalbard and had the same level of service, personal attention and enjoyed the group dynamics as well as the photography attention from both Jami and Theo. Jami and Theo are two of the most knowledgeable guides for their trips as they not only know photography, which they have been doing for many years and have had their work in major publications, they know the locations they are traveling to and have personal relationships with many of the locals. They know what they are looking for when it comes to photography and they put you in the position to get the best shots as well as coaching you through the proper settings etc. These two don’t just sit back in an office and plan trips, this is their passion and they live it!

Our trip to Japan started with a couple of extra days in Tokyo to see the city and just experience the culture. Jami and Theo flew in early and met several of us and explored the Tokyo with us. It was a wonderful way to meet several of the other people on the trip and relax and have fun. From Tokyo we flew to Hokkaido to search for Cranes, Owls, Eagles, Foxes and Swans as well as enjoy the beautiful countryside of Japan. Our accommodations were excellent, the food was amazing, and our host were exceptional. We spent several days going to various locations as the weather would change and we would head to the area that would give us the best opportunity to take some incredible pictures.

We then ventured to Nagano, Japan to experience the world famous snow monkeys! We were able to stay just outside the park in a traditional Japanese motel that allowed us easy access to the monkeys each day. These animals were amazing and Jami and Theo knew exactly when we needed to be in the park and what to look for to get the best pictures.

Not only did we get great pictures on this trip, one on one time to learn more about photography and to refresh our skills, we also had many days and nights of conversation and laughter with many new friends.

Simran Gill

My Rating:
Country Visited: Japan

We went to Japan with Jami and Theo and it definitely was one of the best wildlife trips I have taken in the past one and half years of doing these kinds of trips. Every detail was taken care of, from the stay, to food, transportation and most importantly the wildlife. Japan is a beautiful land with rich wildlife and landscapes. I must say I have some of the best videos from this trip and look forward to sharing that soon.  These two are amazing people and its always fun with them around. You feel part of the family.

Japan is totally worth the visit. No one should miss it. Thank you Theo and Jami.

Jeffrey Sweers

My Rating:
Country Visited: Japan

This was my 5th trip with Wild Focus Expeditions (Kenya, Svalbard, India, Galapagos, and now Japan); Plus, I’m signed up for Indonesia next fall. So, it almost goes without saying that I have loved every one of my trips with Jami and Theo. They are experts at not only putting together exciting trips to really cool places around the world, but matching up small fun groups of people that all share their love of wildlife, photography and discovery of exotic destinations.

If you haven’t been there (and I hadn’t) Tokyo is probably what you’d expect. Millions of people and lots of traffic. But it is one of the cleanest big cities I’d ever seen. The subways were clean, quiet, organized and turned out to be a great way to travel around the city for us tourists.

After a day of playing tourist in Tokyo, we flew to the northern island of Hokkaido. Here is where the real magic began. It was cold and snowy with lots of birds nearby. We stayed at the Hickory Winds Lodge, which was basic and traditional, and had everything you needed. The chef though, is a master chef and we had Excellent food and lots of it (plan on putting on a couple pounds on this trip!). Her husband Makoto as our main guide, really knows the area and took us out for shoots a couple times every day. We ended up with Great shots of Red Crowned Cranes, Whooping Swans, Stellar and White Tailed Eagles, Ural Owl, Red Fox and of course the northern island’s landscapes! He even gave us 2 concerts during our week’s stay!

Then a quick flight back to Tokyo and 5 hour van ride back up into the mountains for the Snow Monkeys. They are just what you’d expect; cute, funny and you can still get close (contrary to some rumors we had heard that maybe you couldn’t anymore).

If you don’t have Japan on your bucket list, add it now, and go with Wild Focus Expeditions. You’ll be glad you did!


Laurie Heil

My Rating:
Country Visited: Japan

This was my first trip with Wild Focus Expeditions – what a wonderful introduction!  Though I am not really a photographer like the others on this trip, I was thoroughly entertained and had a fantastic time!

The hotel in Tokyo was a good choice, centrally located, and with a hearty breakfast.  Hokkaido is lovely, and the lodge in Tsurui was wonderful, with a top-notch chef and unexpectedly fantastic musical entertainment.  The photographic opportunities throughout the trip were downright magical at times: eagles! swans on a misty lake! red fox! cranes!  snow monkeys!  We were fortunate to have a great group of people – so much fun!  Many times I found myself just smiling, inhaling the fresh air, taking it all in, and feeling so grateful to be there.

Theo and Jami, thanks for putting together such a wonderful trip and introducing me to such great people!  I highly recommend this trip to anyone who has an interest in photography OR just wants to enjoy nature, great people, and great food!

Kathrine Davis

My Rating:
Country Visited: Rwanda

Rwanda was amazing, Wild Focus Expeditions promised and delivered on everything they said. It was a brief 2 day expedition but boy was it worth the trip, and the price. The two Gorilla  families we visited and spent time with were quite a unique feeling: to be in their midst and to watch them interact. I felt closer to them then I had ever expected. A small baby gorilla came quite close and wanted my camera. Our Ranger deterred her as she approached me and so she went running back to her Mom deflated just as a small human child would have. Right then I knew how similar we were. I loved being in their presence.

Wild Focus Expeditions promised it would be a trip of a Lifetime and it delivered in spades.

Thank you Jami and Theo for once again delivering as promised a wonderful time on my 4th Trip, and I am still counting on more to come. You opened up a world I now want to experience far beyond my initial expectations.

So if your looking for that unique, unusual, trip, this is for you.


Lela Ramona Paschall

My Rating:
Country Visited: Botswana

“Once in A Lifetime” is what I hear about our trips!! With Wild Focus Expeditions, their knowledge of locations, outfitters, lodging , photography, etc…makes it so easy that you will want to go for more!! I’ve had 3 of those “Once in a Lifetime” trips with WFE. With their knowledge, our expectations have been exceeded every time—and when I return I have so many feelings of what I have experienced that it takes awhile to mesh back into this way of Life!! I’ve been to Kenya where I fell in Love with Africa, Svalbard where I fell in love with Polar Bears, and Botswana where I was enamored by African Wild Dogs! I won’t list all of the animals we photographed, but traveling with WFE has opened our world to the Amazing Animals of this world! We do have our 4th trip planned with them so I have to say They come Highly Recommended!!!!


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