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5 Amazing Places for Wildlife Photography

Animals are amazing creatures. While it’s not difficult to stand afar and be awed at their beauty, sometimes it’s better to have a memento of having seen one out in their natural habitat. And this is exactly what wildlife photography tours…
small group expeditions

Small Group Expeditions: How It Gives You a New Level of Travel Experience

We’ve all seen the chaos that a large group of tourists bring. From lining up in big buses to going around tourist spots with a guide, group tours have now become generic, or let’s say, boring. But this isn’t the case for small group expeditions…
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Going on a Photography Tour? Get Ready With These Tips

  Travel and photography are like peanut butter and jelly; they go so well together. This is why anyone who finds joy in taking beautiful images might love the idea of going on photography tours that will take them to the most exotic…
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Exploring Svalbard in 2019 with Wild Focus Expeditions: What You Might Expect

A lot of people love to travel, but only a few are bold enough to explore remote destinations around the world. For those who dare break the norm of travel, Wild Focus Expeditions offers some of the most amazing exotic expeditions anyone could…
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Jami's successful expedition to document the new orangutan species on Sumatra

In my previous post I wrote about Jami's project to document a new orangutan species that was discovered on Sumatra only 7 months ago. I had no contact with Jami over a period of 8 days while she was searching for the new species with the help…
Snow monkey in hotspring
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Is Japan on your bucket list?

Japan - Winter Paradise Japan in winter is a photographer’s paradise. Nowhere else can you get such great subject matter for artistic photographs that make for brilliant art work to decorate your house. Imagine white dancing cranes in fresh…
Sub adult male orangutan
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Jami's quest to save the orangutans

Many of you have read my previous blog about Jami documenting a newly found orangutan species that was discovered on Sumatra six months ago. Isn't it amazing that we discovered a new great ape in the 21st century? I am personally blown away…
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Jami documenting a new orangutan species

I would like to share an exciting story with you. Many of you might have seen Jami's posts on social media about her campaign against palm oil and for the protection of orangutans that are highly threatened by the ongoing destruction of their…
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Japanese Monkey Business

When we left Hokkaido, we flew south again to Honshu, Japan's main island. We immediately were picked up by our chartered van and we drove almost four hours north to the Japanese Alps. We spent the next four nights in a traditional wooden Japanese…