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Ken Kushnir

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

I was unsure as to what to expect on my first trip with Wild Focus Expeditions for a number of reasons; I have never really been an avid photographer, I had never been to the Arctic, and I had never been on a ship longer than a ferry ride from Vancouver to Victoria. All I can say is that none of these things mattered in the least! Our expedition to Svalbard was SPECTACULAR!

From the Dogsled trip on our first day, to the wonderful time we had aboard the MS Freya I totally enjoyed every aspect of this trip! Jami and Theo did an amazing job of organizing, hosting and teaching us about the islands and photography.

Our guides Jens, Mette and John were knowledgable about the Arctic and the wildlife we were observing and were constantly working to maximize our experience, while managing our safety, and minimizing our impact on the animals we were observing. All three have have become good friends.

The Captain and crew of the MS Freya were a true pleasure to be with and they took care of all of our needs while aboard. The other members of the expedition were also a pleasure to travel with!

I took more pictures than I could count of reindeer, seals,  walrus, foxes,  beluga whales, calving glaciers, icebergs, sea ice, spectacular mountain scenery,  and of course, polar bears! Some of them even turned out to be pretty good, thanks to advice and coaching from Jami and Theo!

Mary and I were thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in this experience, and I am positive we will travel with Wild Focus Expeditions again in the very near future!

Liz Ricklefs

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

Our trip to the Arctic was amazing and what fun ! Great to see a different and very important part of the world. The MS Freya was just right – it was comfortable, the food was delicious, the bear guides were exceptional – on the lookout for polar bears, arctic foxes, whales, seals, walruses, etc 24/7. We saw at least 18 polar bears ! What we found to be really special about Wild Focus Expeditions is Jami and Theo (owner/consultants) travel with you which means they are right there “real time” to make sure you have the exceptional experience that you expected. They try very hard to please ! Also, they are great fun and very knowledgeable about photography and the environment. Steve and I will travel with them whenever possible. (Actually, going to the Pantanal in September and Jami assures me that we will see Jaguars!)As you can tell, we were thrilled with our Svalbard experience and highly recommend Wild Focus Expeditions.

Pat Baker

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

Great trip! Wonderful part of the world.  Very educational and upfront and personal about the very real dangers of climate change.

Comfortable ship, great guides, good food. Happy to have the opportunity to see that part of the ecosystem before it is gone

Jim White

My Rating:
Country Visited: Namibia

Just returned from our expedition to Namibia.  The trip was a sampler of what Namibia has to offer.  Trips to Sossusvlei and the surrounding dunes was a magical experience.  We followed that with a few days in the Hoanib River Valley where we saw desert adapted elephants.  Beautiful creatures in a spectacular setting.  A rare trip to the Skeleton Coast was also a highlight.  Once again Wild Focus did a spectacular job.  This was a complex trip with multiple flights covering long distances.  From travel to accommodations to hotels to game drives everything was perfect.  I strongly recommend this trip and Wild Focus Expeditions.  This is our fourth trip with Jami and Theo and the have all been spectacular.

Thanks Wild Focus!

Mary Kushnir

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

The Svalbard expedition was certainly a trip of a lifetime for me!  It is such a surreal setting, so beautiful yet so desolate at the same time.  We spent ten days on the MS Freya, a lovely, very comfortable boat with an exceptional crew, who spend so many hours making sure that the guests’ every need is met.  The food was amazing.  I am a vegetarian (the only one on the ship) and the chef created a separate dish for me every day.   Our three bear guides were very special.  Each of them has very different backgrounds,  and so bring considerable knowledge of wildlife, nature, glaciers, conservation to the expedition.  On top of that, they were fun, told crazy stories, and were a pleasure to spend time with. We spent quite a bit of time searching for and taking pictures of the wildlife that Svalbard is known for -polar bears, walrus, seals, arctic fox, reindeer, beluga whales, and so many arctic birds to name! I understand that our three or four sightings of arctic foxes was very rare, not to mention the nine different sightings of beluga whales.  On two occasions, we were totally surrounded by the belugas in our zodiac, and even had several swim under our boat!  Now I must talk about our trip leaders from Wild Focus Expeditions – Jami and Theo.  They happen to be friends of ours in Santa Fe, so I may be a bit partial.  But, not knowing what to expect on this type of adventure trip, I was a bit nervous.  Silly me – it was the best experience of my lifetime because of the amazing experience, organization and personalities of Jami and Theo.  They are so great at helping all the guests with cameras and photography.  They are constantly watching all the guests to make sure their needs are met and that they are having a good experience.  I am absolutely blown away by both Jami and Theo, and cant wait to sign up for our next trip!  I only have one regret – I chickened out when it came my turn to do the polar plunge! I guess I have to return to Svalbard so I can redeem myself!

Dan Baker

My Rating:
Country Visited: Svalbard

Great trip with outstanding resources. Jami and Theo are not only extraordinary photographers but terrific travelling companions as well. The bear guides were knowledgeable and worked their tails off to find us numerous views of bears, fox, whales and walrus up close and personal. Beautiful ship with crew completely focused on making us all comfortable and well fed!
First rate experience in every aspect.


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