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Orangutan Project: Jami

Days 1 – 3 After leaving New Mexico (and Theo and Gershwin) and then flying through Los Angeles, I flew via Tokyo to Jakarta, Java. I over-nighted in Jakarta after arriving at my hotel at 2:00am and then caught a flight to Bali the next morning to rest up for a few days – I […]

Introducing PRINCESS!!!!!

Photo credit:  ©Theo Allofs Yes, a real princess. She is the gorgeous red head in between my forest guide Kasri and me. She came out of the forest and grabbed our hands while we were walking. It’s hard to see, but she has a young infant on her chest.  Princess is not ONLY a real […]

“Girl of the Forest”??

Today I spent my day packing for another trip. I am heading off to Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia to photograph one of the most wonderful animals that I have ever met – the wild orangutan. In Malay, orangutan means  “man or person of the forest”. There are two species of orangutan, the Sumatran orangutan […]

Two of Two: Meet Theo (I am German, so my name is pronounced “Tayo”, not “Theeyo”! I am very sensitive about this)

I was born near the Neanderthal Valley in Germany, a fact my wife loves to use when introducing me. “Look at his forehead” she says and smiles, “don’t you see his ancestry?” Years have gone by since my forefathers have left an important historical footprint on earth, in particular in the lower Rhine area. Although […]

One of Two: Meet Jami

First blog entry: I am new at this and am frankly very nervous. I am told that this blogging thing gets easier with time. Well, I am sure that you…out there…will let me know either way. Yikes! But thanks in advance…. I am one of two bloggers on this site. You will meet my husband, […]