Orangutan Project: Jami

Days 1 – 3

After leaving New Mexico (and Theo and Gershwin) and then flying through Los Angeles, I flew via Tokyo to Jakarta, Java. I over-nighted in Jakarta after arriving at my hotel at 2:00am and then caught a flight to Bali the next morning to rest up for a few days – I am feeling extremely anxious.

The erupting volcano on Lombok, which is the island next to Bali, is still simmering. The winds have changed direction which has allowed the airport here to remain open for three days. The air is not clear but it is apparently safe enough for flights to take off and land here in Denpasar. However, all flights from Australia to Bali are still canceled. I am a little concerned about the volcano and the winds as I have a flight to the island of Sumatra on Monday.

I am very nervous about this trip – I don’t know what I will find. The reports have been devastating regarding the fires in the areas that are home to these critically endangered animals. Usually when Theo and I fly off for any destination where we will be working, I am always excited with anticipation but this trip is different.

I have a sick feeling in my stomach.

~ Jami Tarris

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  1. Cynthia Fenton
    Cynthia Fenton says:

    Jami, my heart and thoughts go out to you as you make such an important trip to offer aid. I have felt nauseated after reading the initial reports about the situation of the orangutans in Indonesia. Good luck to you and safe travels!

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