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Jami’s successful expedition to document the new orangutan species on Sumatra

In my previous post I wrote about Jami's project to document a new orangutan species that was discovered on Sumatra only 7 months ago. I had no contact with Jami over a period of 8 days while she was searching for the new species with the help…
Sub adult male orangutan
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Saving orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra

Many of you have read my previous blog about Jami documenting a newly found orangutan species that was discovered on Sumatra six months ago. Isn't it amazing that we discovered a new great ape in the 21st century? I am personally blown away…
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Tapanuli – A New Orangutan Species

I would like to share an exciting story with you. Many of you might have seen Jami's posts on social media about her campaign against palm oil and for the protection of orangutans that are highly threatened by the ongoing destruction of their…

Profiling Today: Jami’s Observation

Once again, profiling has become a current topic of discussion in the United States and Europe due to recent events. Donald Trump has contributed much to this consideration. He asserts that profiling would for instance prevent crime. I…

Someone got a bath, but it wasn’t me :-(

I woke up on my last morning in Bukit Lawang early - ready to depart on a small mission unrelated to the story that I am working on. I am going to meet a team of scientists and park officials in the Sikundur field office to release a slow loris…

Jami goes APE for a beard!!!!

Doing field work sometimes means doing forest work. To enter the forest, we had to cross the river by zodiac boat. My tracker was carrying my camera gear with him which is a luxury that I am unaccustomed to. When I am traveling with Theo, he…
House boat on Camp Leakey River

Sumatra Morning Coffee

One of the best times of the day - morning coffee. Let me describe where I am having my coffee. My bungalow is built into a hillside on the edge of one of the last remaining rainforests on Sumatra - Gunung Leuser National Park. I am sitting…

It’s Not Easy Being Green….

Today we drove over 3 hours from Medan to Sei Betung which is a part of the Gunung Leuser National Park. I am traveling with the SOCP (Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project) team to visit their restoration site. On the way to the restoration…

Jami: Another Day with the 52

I spent another day in the quarantine center again with the “52” orphaned and rescued orangutans. Some of the animals that live there have such sad back-stories and will have to remain there for the rest of their lives. But most will be…