Breakfast with a Long Neck


Having breakfast with giraffes can be slightly intrusive if you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet. Our Kenya safari started off at Giraffe Manor just two weeks ago. Endangered Rothchild giraffes pushed their way in and over our heads while we were eating our fresh fruit and omelets. We didn’t actually mind…errrr…at least I didn’t AFTER I had my first cup of coffee.


Gretchen tried to satisfy this greedy girl with giraffe pellet treats…to no avail.


She brought her friends to pester us and it was amazing!



They have soft black tongues that gently take the pellets from our fingers and….


from our mouths. Theresa got a morning kiss!


Staying at Giraffe Manor is a once (or more) in a lifetime experience.

~ Jami Tarris

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