These Five Exotic Photography Tours Are Perfect If You’re on a Budget

exotic photography tours - svalbard

It’s no secret that one of the biggest hindrances to travel is money. Going on trips is most often very expensive, that’s for sure, but not all of them should break your bank. In fact, you can go on these exotic photography tours even if you’re on a budget:



Explore one of the Earth’s Last Wild Frontiers


Svalbard is a dream destination for both adventurers and photographers because of its amazing scenery and unique wildlife. Just imagine stepping foot on one of the last wild frontiers on earth and getting up close with reindeers, whales, polar bears and seals that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


Go on a private Svalbard expedition on board Arctica II, a small yet sturdy sailboat captained by a local who knows Svalbard like the back of his hand. This adventure will surely be one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.



Step on the Land of Genghis Khan


Only a few photographers can proudly say that they’ve been to Mongolia on exotic photography tours. But being one of the most exotic destinations in the world doesn’t always translate to expensive because the land of Genghis Khan actually has a lot of scenery to offer for free. From endless prairie fields to stunning deserts, Inner Mongolia should definitely be a part of your bucket list.



Capture the Magic in Borobudur


Every year, thousands of Buddhists and travelers flock to Borobudur in Indonesia for the annual Waisek Lantern Festival, which is one of the most magical things you’ll ever see in your lifetime.


Capture thousands of lanterns as they are released into the night sky for amazing photographs that everyone will surely love and of course, don’t forget to take photos of the beautiful Borobudur temple grounds during sunrise to complete your experience.



Experience the Simple Life in Guilin


If you’re the type to book exotic photography tours to lesser-known destinations, Guilin is the perfect place for you. Located in the northeastern part of China, Guilin may not be as popular as Shanghai or Beijing but it is definitely packed with awe-inspiring scenery.


Millions of tourists flock to this city every year for its stunning sunsets that are reflected beautifully in its winding rivers. And to complete the experience, you can still capture local fishermen who still use cormorants, a practice that has been used in Guilin for more than 500 years.



Bask in the Colors of Kelantan


Culture and colors come hand in hand in Kelantan, the best place to visit in Malaysia if you’re looking to capture the country’s rich cultural heritage. Known as the “cradle of Malay culture,” the streets of Kelantan bursts with colors that every photographer dreams of capturing and its age-old traditions have been preserved perfectly by locals that visiting this place will surely take you on a journey like no other.



There is so much to see and discover around the world, that’s for sure, and you should never stop a budget from letting you see and capture the best of it.




Wild Focus Expeditions is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico but we’re happy to go on expeditions with those of you all over the world. Here are some of our more famous expedition destinations: Greenland, Indonesia, Japan, Svalbard, Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Pantanal, India, Kenya, Uganda, and the Galapagos

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