Is Japan on your bucket list?

Is Japan on your bucket list?

Japan – Winter Paradise

Japan in winter is a photographer’s paradise. Nowhere else can you get such great subject matter for artistic photographs that make for brilliant art work to decorate your house. Imagine white dancing cranes in fresh snow; giant Steller’s sea eagles fighting over fish on snow-covered banks; or elegant whooper swans covered in steam from nearby hot springs to warm up from a freezing night.
Japan, Hokkaido, red-crowned cranes dancing
But there is more to Japan than just wildlife. Every day we tremendously enjoyed the gourmet Japanese food prepared with great love by our hosts of the various lodges we stayed in. Every place felt like home thanks to the famous hospitality we were welcomed with.
Japan, Hokkaido, whooper swans warming up in shallow lake near hot spring
Japan, Hokkaido, Steller’s sea eagles fighting over fish
There is so much to tell about our last trip. But I would like you to experience Japan, the fantastic wildlife, amazing landscapes, culture and food for yourself.
Japan should be on your bucket list if you love traveling, wildlife, different cultures, photography and of course food.
If you are interested please check out our itinerary for 2019:

Japan – Winter Wildlife 2019

Japan, Japanese Alps, young snow monkeys in hot spring

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