Jami: Another Day with the 52

I spent another day in the quarantine center again with the “52” orphaned and rescued orangutans. Some of the animals that live there have such sad back-stories and will have to remain there for the rest of their lives. But most will be returned to the wild when the time is right. Like I mentioned before, the team that works here is extraordinary.  I never imagined that I would find this level of dedication and passion here. It puts me to shame.



After walking around and photographing so many of the little ones in different areas and in different enclosures, I went back to the nursery, got comfy on the floor and spent about an hour or more with the three that were just rescued last Monday. They were hilarious. I have to wear a mask because humans and orangutans share 97% of the same DNA, therefore we can pass along germs and bacteria to these animals that have not developed an immune system to ward off  human diseases. For example, a common cold passed on to them can easily lead to pneumonia resulting in death.
The little rescued orangutans are getting stronger and stronger every day. They are now eating well (they didn’t eat at first) and are not only becoming playful, but quite feisty. One little male was so naughty and he kept torturing the youngest female by biting her. He followed her around just to get in a good bite here and there. The keeper had to pick her up to rescue her – to stop her from crying and squealing. While holding her and sitting her on his lap, he tickled her cheeks to get her to laugh.

_G1O9822After she recuperated from being chased by the little feisty male-beast, he put her down to find that the little brute went at it again. So, he picked the little boy up and the naughty behavior continued._G1O9834My scientific deduction is complete: PRIMATE BOYS WILL BE PRIMATE BOYS !!!! :-)

~ Jami

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  1. Allyson moreland
    Allyson moreland says:

    Yep! Typical “male” behavior… Remember the naughty boys in primary school that teased and chased you? You are so blessed to be a part of this incredible journey. I love reading your blog!!!

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