Going on a Photography Tour? Get Ready With These Tips

photography tours


Travel and photography are like peanut butter and jelly; they go so well together. This is why anyone who finds joy in taking beautiful images might love the idea of going on photography tours that will take them to the most exotic places and let them take home precious scenic images that not many people get to see every day.



But going on successful photography tours takes more than just booking with Wild Focus Expeditions. You should be prepared and ready for your journey with these handy tips:



Choose your Location Wisely


Why choose a destination that’s been photographed so many times when you can go where only a few have gone? If you really want to make the most out of your experience, be bold enough to go on an expedition that takes you up close and personal with the animals of Africa or the great polar bears of Antarctica. If you are going to invest in photography tours, make them worth your while by choosing a destination that will really let you enjoy photography.



Give your Budget more Legroom


It’s no secret that going on a long expedition will cost more than your usual trip, so it’s best to have a budget big enough to give you more freedom to choose the right photography tours without leaving you broke. Plan your trip many months ahead as well so you will have enough time to save up and do your research to find the best packages out there for your budget.



Get your Gear Ready


You’ve likely accumulated a couple of cameras and equipment over the years, and now that you’ve finally booked a photography tour, you have to decide what gear to take on your trip. To help you make this decision, you should consider a few things:



  • Weight – Bring enough gear to get you the shots you want, but not so much where it’s too heavy for you to carry around during your trip.


  • Lens – Bring a few lenses depending on the shots you want to take. Packing all your lenses will not only make travelling more difficult, you could also incur extra baggage charges.


  • Camera – To make yourself more secured during your trip, it’s best to bring two camera bodies so you’ll have a spare one to use if the other one malfunctions.



Of course, you can’t forget the accessories that you will need for the trip. This includes your charger, batteries, card reader, camera strap, tripod, lens accessories, rain sleeves and protective filters.



Wild Focus Expeditions Photography Tours


The world is too beautiful not to capture through photographs and going on photography tours let you do just that. Just make sure that you have everything ready before your trip to avoid any mishaps that could easily ruin your expedition.



Of course, you can’t go wrong with booking your trip with Wild Focus Expeditions, we have an experienced expedition team ready to guide you through your journey and even help you pick the best locations to take your shots. So, are you ready to go on a trip of a lifetime? Contact Wild Focus Expeditions today!




Wild Focus Expeditions is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico but we’re happy to go on expeditions with those of you all over the world. Here are some of our more famous expedition destinations: Greenland, Indonesia, Japan, Svalbard, Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Pantanal, India, Kenya, Uganda, and the Galapagos

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