Profiling Today: Jami’s Observation

Once again, profiling has become a current topic of discussion in the United States and Europe due to recent events. Donald Trump has contributed much to this consideration. He asserts that profiling would for instance prevent crime.
I have decided to offer some insight into the debate about profiling:
                                   Have you seen a profile like this lately?
noun: profiling

1. the recording of behavioral characteristics (i.e. jumping), so as to assess or predict capabilities in a certain sphere (or straight line from tree to tree),  or to assist in identifying a particular subgroup or subspecies.

2. the use of personal (or physical) characteristics or behavior patterns to make generalizations about a person (or monkey), as in monkey profiling.
Profiling: If you are a suspicious person and suspect that you may be sitting near or in close proximity to a specific mammal, say a proboscis monkey, check out their prominent physical attribute: the nose. It’s a honker – especially the males. If you see anyone or any monkey with a nose like this, you have found yourself a real proboscis monkey.
If you are still unsure and yet remain concerned, notate the behavioral characteristics. They are jumpy…..
Very jumpy…..
And they make their kids jumpy too….
I am absolutely not an advocate of profiling. However, it is difficult to overlook a protuberance such as this when going about one’s day. It is safe to say that if you find a nose like this on a monkey, you have indeed the right to make a generalization about this monkey.  It may jump.
Now the problem with profiling is that they ARE just generalizations. I have waited for long periods of time for the monkey to jump. And it didn’t.  I wasted countless hours on non-jumping monkeys with big noses.
I don’t know how you could prevent crime (according to “The Donald”) having never been assaulted by a jumpy monkey. I’m just saying….
Jami Tarris
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