Small Group Expeditions: How It Gives You a New Level of Travel Experience

small group expeditions

We’ve all seen the chaos that a large group of tourists bring. From lining up in big buses to going around tourist spots with a guide, group tours have now become generic, or let’s say, boring. But this isn’t the case for small group expeditions where you can still enjoy the conveniences of an organized tour—sans the chaos of 20 other travelers.



Here are a few things you get from traveling in a small group:



The Right Company


Traveling alone may not be for you because of the risks, but you also don’t want to be part of a huge group of tourists. Small group expeditions meet you in the middle by giving you just the right company that you need. You will also be traveling with like-minded people, which means that you will have many things in common and many stories to tell while you’re on the road.




Makes you Feel Productive, not Hectic


The problem with booking your usual organized tour is that you have to keep up with a packed schedule, and sometimes, this takes away the fun and adventure of traveling. But with small group travel, you can enjoy activities that really matter to you and not just roam around generic tourist spots.


You will have a lot of things to do, but it will never feel hectic because you are given time to really soak in each experience and not rush from one landmark to the other. Small group expeditions are all about quality experience, not quantity.




You get to go off the Beaten Track


Small group expeditions don’t only cover your usual destinations, they also take you to places that only a few have dared to explore. Think about the deep safaris of Africa, the icy mountains of Greenland or the amazing views from the Svalbard. If you’re the type of adventurer who loves the off beaten track, traveling with a small group will definitely satisfy your wanderlust without the hassles of organizing the trip yourself.




Authentic Travel Experience


Small group travel is more laid-back than the usual group tours because travel companies want you to experience what a place really has to offer. From its culture to its food, you will be taken on activities that let you immerse in local life including eating their delicacies, riding their local transport and talking with the locals.


You will be able to visit spots that you won’t find in your travel guides and you will get the privilege of seeing the heart and soul of the country that you’re visiting.




There are many more reasons to choose small group travel for your next adventure. From sharing memories with people who have the same thirst for adventure to changing your perspective on things by immersing in local culture, you will never regret booking a small group expedition that will not only take you to the most amazing places in the world but also give you the most unforgettable travel experiences in your life.




Wild Focus Expeditions is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico but we’re happy to go on expeditions with those of you all over the world. Here are some of our more famous expedition destinations: Greenland, Indonesia, Japan, Svalbard, Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Pantanal, India, Kenya, Uganda, and the Galapagos

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