The Migration is Great!

The Migration is Great!

Just a quick post while on the fly to say that the migration is peaking early this year. It is overwhelming to see over a million wildebeest plus other antelopes moving en masse. This is where the term “the grass is greener on the other side” MUST have been coined! The predators have also arrived. We are witnessing action on a daily basis – some of which may not be the best to post here!

It is difficult to take awe-inspiring images that capture the essence of the migration. I took this image with my drone in order to give one an idea of a wildebeest river crossing. I managed to capture some video footage as well and I will try to edit it down for my next blog.

The Great Migration is truly great – so much wildlife that embodies this amazing continent called Africa. I am still here for a while, but I already miss Kenya – its people, its open landscape and its wildness!



~ Jami Tarris

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