White, Red and Blue Ice

White, Red and Blue Ice

OK. In Africa, photographers consider themselves lucky to find an African predator on a kill. In the Arctic, it is considered uber-lucky – and on our fourth day we were just that – uber lucky. We entered  “BeverlySundet”, a northern sound of “NordAustlandet” (NorthEastern Island) which was roughly 80º 46’ latitude – less than 10º south of the North Pole. Here we found a large male on a bearded seal kill on a snowy shoreline. His face, massive paws and the surrounding snow were covered with rich fatty blood.  He had already eaten quite a bit by the looks of his bulbous belly. We approached him slowly by zodiac on the clear blue Arctic water with blue skies above. He continued eating with little enthusiasm until he finally walked away and splayed out flat on the snow on his fat belly. He was “done” for a while.



We left him alone to sleep off his feast.

~ Jami Tarris

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