Winter in Japan


Like I posted on Facebook, I came on this trip with no little amount of trepidation. I had heard it was overly photographed, and stuffed full with photographers. I was in some small part dreading this because we typically go to places where we are alone. So here we go!

So for me personally, Japan was filled with surprises at every turn. We started our trip off by spending a day in Tokyo. It was snowing in Tokyo when we arrived. The city was sparkling, clean and filled with life. The food? Oh my goodness. It was so so good. I actually enjoyed this city which was a complete surprise to me as I do not typically like to spend any time in cities preferring being in the bush.

We then flew north to the northernmost island of Hokkaido. Everywhere I looked, I saw a painting. The light was soft and the colors of Japan in winter match the delicate softness of a Japanese watercolor.

We spent several days photographing  Japanese red-crowned cranes. We were hoping to see them dance, and dance they did. Crane couples dance together year after year to strengthen their bond as mates. Their movements can only be compared to those of a Bolshoi ballerina. It was pure pleasure to put the camera down and watch the way they moved together.

We drove several hours to the north of  Hokkaido to photograph the majestic Steller’s sea eagles.

It was snowing heavily during our first day in Rausu which made for a magical day of photography. The orange color of the eagles’ bills and feet stood out in contrast to the softer and more subtle colors in the snow storm. Our group was able to capture some dramatic and exciting images.

This all happened within the first several days of our time in Japan. I will be back to post more when I can get them processed and uploaded.

We are already looking forward to coming back here next year. I can’t believe I am saying this but it has been such a wonderful and unexpected surprise. I love Japan!!!!

~Jami Tarris

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