5 Tips to Capture the Best Photos on Your Mongolian Photography Expedition

Mongolian photography expeditions

Mongolia is every adventurer’s dream destination—and for good reason. Its untouched landscapes, rich history and nomadic way of life is nothing like you’ll ever see anywhere else in the world and its stunning scenery makes booking Mongolian photography expeditions worthwhile. But how can you capture the best photos on your trip to this beautiful country?



Always Listen to your Guide


Mongolia is different in so many ways, which is why it pays to have a guide through Mongolian photography expeditions. Having a local who knows the best spots in the country to see wildlife or beautiful scenery saves you time and you know exactly how to act during your journey. If you’re looking to photograph birds, for instance, it helps to listen to your guide on how to position yourself to take the best photos without disturbing the birds.



Ask Permission from the Locals


If you’re into portrait photography, you’ll surely love taking photos of the locals in Mongolia, as they are different from most of the locals you’ll see in other places. But since Mongolians are quite shy and not used to being photographed, it would be polite to ask permission first. Older Mongolians also believe that being photographed would reduce their age, so if they refuse your offer, respect them.



Get to Know the Locals Better


You might be visiting Mongolia mainly to take photographs, but you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get to know the locals more. Prepare small gifts for the elderly and children so you can easily make them feel that you’re their friend even without communicating through words. The language barrier may be a challenge at first but with a few smiles and sweet gestures, the locals will surely feel comfortable with photos before you know it.



Pack all the Things that you Need


Mongolia may be a huge country but it is not as populated as you think. This is why it’s very important to pack everything that you need for your journey—from your camera to your personal essentials—so you can really make the most of your trip.


Make sure that you pack the right camera equipment like your lens and tripod for the best landscape and portrait photographs. Also, don’t forget to bring extra batteries and SD cards to make sure that you have a backup in the event that a battery fails, or you run out of space on your SD cards. Since you might need to travel for hours just to get what you need in the city, it’s important to have backups.



Be Prepared for the Unexpected Climate Changes


The climate in Mongolia is as unpredictable as the country itself. So, if you want to enjoy your trip without worrying about catching a cold or getting your camera wet, it’s best to be prepared for sudden climate changes. Aside from dressing the part, always put your camera equipment in a protective case to avoid damages.


Exploring Mongolia on Mongolian photography expeditions is definitely one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether you’re visiting the country for its stunning landscapes, rich wildlife or unique people, you’ll surely have a grand time experiencing the best of what this country has to offer and taking great photographs while you’re at it.




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