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Breakfast with a Long Neck

Having breakfast with giraffes can be slightly intrusive if you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet. Our Kenya safari started off at Giraffe Manor just two weeks ago. Endangered Rothchild giraffes pushed their way in and over our heads while we were eating our fresh fruit and omelets. We didn’t actually mind…errrr…at least […]

Every 15 Minutes

Elephant poaching is real. Some are saying that ivory is being used to fund Al Queda and other extremist terrorist group activities.  Our Wild Focus Expeditions groups are able to experience the effects of poaching when they come to Kenya with us and visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Orphanage in Nairobi. Wild Focus Expeditions adopts an […]

The Migration is Great!

Just a quick post while on the fly to say that the migration is peaking early this year. It is overwhelming to see over a million wildebeest plus other antelopes moving en masse. This is where the term “the grass is greener on the other side” MUST have been coined! The predators have also arrived. […]

White, Red and Blue Ice

OK. In Africa, photographers consider themselves lucky to find an African predator on a kill. In the Arctic, it is considered uber-lucky – and on our fourth day we were just that – uber lucky. We entered  “BeverlySundet”, a northern sound of “NordAustlandet” (NorthEastern Island) which was roughly 80º 46’ latitude – less than 10º […]

Two for One

By day two we had traveled north and started to head east around the top of Svalbard. We meandered through various fjords and saw lots of walrus – mostly females with young calves which was really special. We had some broken drift ice where we photographed bearded seals which are the largest of the arctic […]

“Ice, Ice Maybe”

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Yikes. The last 6 months escaped due to lots of office and road time. Theo and I are in Svalbard leading our first polar expedition for Focus Expeditions. We had an enthusiastic group of photographers and videographers who were all anxious to explore the north with […]

Curiosity from the Pack Ice

There are many ways to describe ice. There is an international ice nomenclature ice terms are arranged by subject under the heading of “Floating Ice.” Sea ice, glacier ice, lake ice and river ice are the four types of floating ice. The different types of ‘sea ice’ are fast ice, drift ice, brash ice, frazil […]